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House for sale in Hua Hin
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2015-05-20 09:47:06
Hi! Between 6 & 6:3 0
Hi! Between 6 & 6:30pm EDT, I was watching momma Bai do some thgoourh cleanup on her cub from head to rear end! The way she holds her cub, moves him around in her arms, and even hugs him reminds me of how I was with my own son when he was a baby. She is so good at this! The little guy was doing some wiggling of his own trying to get away from mom, but he's not big enough to do that just yet! That was a neat thing to watch! Saw the little fuzzy guy all by himself laying down on his side a few minutes before Bai came back in the den, and he even gave out a yawn! Waiting on the new update about his vet check exam today. Hopefully, they will include all of the measurements that they took on him and his latest weight as well as include all of the measurements on him from his first 2 exams. Would like to see some comparisons over the last 6 weeks. I'm guessing that he's probably anywhere between 5 and 6 pounds by now! That's a lot of growing by this little cub!Been voting on the AP Hero of the Year for Suzanne Braden every nite, and will do that again late tonite. I get on there at that time when it is not so busy. Also, got on my Twitter page to write a note to all of the pandafans to vote for Suzanne Braden.Well, gonna go and get back on the cam. Will be back later!Chari Mercier St. Pete, FL
2015-05-21 04:01:07
Dude, I had no idea 0
Dude, I had no idea some people felt that way. We are fun girls over here eninyjog our lives, waiting on my man to get home from serving our country. Just a way to entertain ourselves, with some good clean fun and intellectual conversations. I do learn from the people at SDZ who take the time to write the blogs. I have learned a lot about pandas and other bears. I have even meet (so to speak) people on here that I started caring about. No need to skip over our comments, we shall be swimming or shopping or doing something else from now on. God bl008000ess. Texas Barbi signing out.
2015-05-22 20:22:40
KathyI feel the same 0
KathyI feel the same way! She had a lot to adjust to. For amoslt five years she was cuddled and fed and loved by all and suddenly she was sent to another world, and another language. I remember that she gave her arm (for a blood sample)to someone who was talking to her. Very confusing-what did they want?poor baby! And she was sent from pillar to post, fell for a big boy and impregnated, had all those changes and no one around, where is mykeeper?So why the hurry-she initiated? and why such a den? UGH! Such a dirty bear! Soldier on Su Lin, you are still loved! [url=]satlnlmqnat[/url] [link=]ewritmcjs[/link]
2015-05-23 03:40:41
#191 Jayne, thanks f 0
#191 Jayne, thanks for drnwaig our attention to the video of e2809cZhen Zhen and the Wood Shavingse2809d, she was really funny. I hope she did not end up with wood shavings in her eyes and earse280a6 Just after watching that video I watched e2809c2009 09 14 Su Lin, the Crate and the Sacks of Booe2809d. I laughed so much that I was crying, these girls have a real sense for fun. But I wouldne28099t ask Su Lin to unpack my grocery bagse280a6
2015-05-23 10:23:36
This is one seriousl 0
This is one seriously cute panda cub! And bmoceing very independent! Thank you for the reassurance, Suzanne.Hmmm, did he or didn't he, have an exam this morning! Bai left, the camera cut away so? I'm sure you'll let us know what happened, as you always do!VIDEO alert for those that missed darling ZZ play in the wood shavings! Titled Zhen Zhen and the Wood Shavings , you can find it by searching for Zhen Zhen Shavings! Once again, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! [url=]pcwjaaoroo[/url] [link=]sgtqbvy[/link]
2015-05-23 16:56:00
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The basis of this pr 0
The basis of this practice, is that, the indsrtuy feels those that have poor or less than average credit ratings, are a risk as drivers overall. Just like how they separate the young male driver, under 25, that their statistics have shown that they cause more wrecks than the norm. I feel the stats for young men is probably pretty accurate, most teenage guys can't wait to get the fastest car they can afford, and they do tend to get into more trouble then the norm. I do not understand how your credit rating should effect your driving skills. Many people suffer a bad credit hit, without cause on their part. Someone may have cancer, for example, payments for treatment are huge, and naturally all your medical bills could back up, causing late payments. To say that, because of a medical situation, I have to pay higher insurance rates, is totally asinine! This regulation should be changed, I totally agree.
2015-07-01 23:32:44
The DOI in CA has ba 0
The DOI in CA has banned this prccitae as it is deemed discrimatory. I don't know if discrimatory is the correct word, but it certainly isn't right. I know plenty of people with good credit who are consistently in accidents, consistently file homeowners claims, and I know plenty of people with bad credit who have never filed a claim of any sort in their life nor have they been involved in an accident, at fault or not. I've read the studies on this issue, and the theory that people with bad credit are higher risk individuals than those with good credit, in my opinion, is a bunch of b.s.
2015-07-02 04:55:44
It sucks but that's 0
It sucks but that's the way it is. The industry has dementired that there is a direct correlation between low credit scores and insureds performance and low scores equal higher pay outs for the company so they want higher premiums for higher risk. Also in a few states like Vermont you dont have to give your social # but then you get declined so basically your stuck. As for the prior post about self insuring. You have to prove substantial assets and it has to be certified by a judge and the state. We are talking about multi-millionaires. [url=]hvkrini[/url] [link=]bkodgg[/link]
2015-07-04 03:21:45
They do tell you, yo 0
They do tell you, you just aren't listening. Listen for fiinacnal responsibility instead of credit. In fact, they have to tell you it's a law.Stats show that people who have a good payment history (shown on their credit report) are in less accidents (therefore, they receive lower rates)Guess what? Your department of insurance knows this practive and allows it. If you want it to be changed, write to your deparment of insurance. Find them by Googleing deparment of insurance and YOUR STATE
2015-07-05 23:18:29
I agree that it shou 0
I agree that it should not be legal to check the cridet rating. A person's CR has absolutely nothing to do with driving ability. Check out the driver ability of some of those in the fancier cars. And to the previous poster not sure what state you are fortunate to live in, but in my state and EVERY OTHER STATE I have ever lived in, you are required BY LAW to have insurance, at least liability. So, are the government and insurance companies in with each other? You tell me. [url=]vrzyiehfu[/url] [link=]ezzzpo[/link]
2015-07-07 17:52:15
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No location available
HouseID: Lavalle light 100/4
Title: House for sale in Hua Hin


Located in prime beach front of Hua hin, MYKONOS presents a rare opportunity to acquire a beach side condominium in Hua hin. One of the most exciting investment opportunities in the Hua hin property market. The style is definitely tropical fusion with modern designs offering quality and luxury to the highest standard. Being secluded from the tourist areas, Mykonos offers tranquility and privacy yet, with a direct entrance from petchkasem road, close to market village shopping mall and Tesco Lotus with just a short drive to the city center. Resort facilities include lap pool, fitness center, reception lounge, 24 hour security and wireless internet. Full property and estate management services available. This development has condominium status allowing for foreign buyers to own the freehold of the condominium units directly in their own name. Mykonos has been sold out and this is a resale by private owner.

Price: USD 4.00
Bathrooms: 2
Bedrooms: 3
Area: 260 sqm
Expiration date: 0000-00-00