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House for sale in Hua Hin
May I share my o 0
May I share my opinion? It has about 30-40 Thai taehcer and 10-20 foreign taehcer. From this sentence should be It has about 30-40 Thai taehcers and 10-20 foreign taehcers . So all of taehcer in this school are familiar with all student. Most of student are foreigners who don’t want knowledge but they have just wanted know .From theses sentences should be So all of taehcers in this school are familiar with all students. Most of students are foreigners who don’t want knowledge but they just want to know how to play and act in Thai culture.
2015-05-14 07:53:35
Hi, Ian from the Bik 0
Hi, Ian from the Bike Hire at the waterfront here. Thank you very much for the mtoeinn. At the risk of turning this into an ad, I would just like to mtoeinn that we are open 7 days a week during summer. We have normal pedal bikes, ebikes and scooters for those with a motorcycle licence, as well we have a range of motorcycles for rent.Thanks again, readers are welcome to drop in to have a look at the ebikes if curious about the dark side' of low energy bicycling.
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Grammmie, Yes that w 0
Grammmie, Yes that would be a better plan. Bai Yun could be home with her Gao and they can relax while Yun Zi surfs and isemesrps the girls at the beach. I am sure Bai Yun would see her Yunior come home with papers stacked up in his paws (the girls cell phone numbers) while he is running to his room to call the girls. Yun Zi is popular with the girls. That would mean no embarrassment for Bai Yun or Yun Zi. Bai Yun would not be there to hug and kissy him, and since Bai Yun is not there she would not be dunked into the water and have PPP (Pesky Panda Paparazzi) messing with her. Pandafanclub from Thailand, Thank you for the information on sweet little Lin Ping. Glad she is doing better. Six Pandas WOW!!! Frances in NYC, I bet if Bai Yun was just modeling while walking out of the water, Yun Zi would come by and dunk her in the water, and Mr. Gao would have to go chasing the panda paparazzi again. More paparazzi afloat in the ocean. Texas Barbi (Gabrielle), Hunting in September??? That is my Birthday Month!!! NO HUNTING, NO STORMS, NO HURRICANES, NO OIL SPILLS, NO EARTHQUAKES in my Birthday Month!!!! Just my Birthday and many presents. Lucilla, Great story. Daddy Gao teaching Yun Zi about girls. I am sure right after Gao gets out of the car Yun Zi will go for another ride, while he throws out his papers with his phone numbers at the girls. I am sure ZZ will sneak a ride in his convertible.About the spider, where did the spider go? Did people clean Gao's room and take out the spider? Did they squish it? I hope not, it added wildness to Gao's room and made Gao's room look like it was being invaded by spiders . With it crawling on the camera, it made it look like it was on the wall and drinking Gao's water.
2015-05-20 15:31:40
THE CHRONICLES OF YUN ZIFEATURING YUN ZIWITH THE STARSBAI YUNGAO GAOZHEN ZHEN GAOAND SU LIN GAO-SHAN!SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Unkie as the Teacher!EPISODE 4- GOING TO SCHOOLMomma Bai is making her bed when Yun Zi buecnos into the room.BY:Why, Yunior, you sure are excited for your first day of school.YZ:Yep, and the good news is, I got Unkie as my teacher! And Archie the spider monkey is in my class!BY:Oh, you mean the same little spider monkey that almost drowned at the Great Elephant Water Race two months ago?YZ:Yeah, that's the one! Remember, I went over to his house and met his parents. They're really nice.Gao Gao strolls in.GG:Who are we talking about?BY:Archie the spider monkey's parents, Denise and Rob.GG:Yes, I invited them over for a glass of 1999 Boobino but they turned it down. But I don't blame them, I wouldn't find it that good if I were a spider monkey.BY:Anyway, who else is in your class?YZ:Mr. Unkie's class is Chuck the red panda, Taylor the fruit bat, Billy the wombat, Kaylee the tiger Yun Zi coninues on for several minutes listing the names of animals that will be in his class and Enid the gorilla.GG:Enid?BY:When's Cirriculum Night?YZ:June the 9th. Registration is the 8th.GG:We've got to remember to sign you up for Chinese as a Second Language, Life Skills, Home Economics, and Advanced Physical Education. You were top honors in panda preschool, and I expect a lot from you in the next seven years.YZ:Daddy, I'm going into kindergarten. CSL I can start, but Life Skills, Home Ec, and Advanced PE can't be done until the sixth grade.GG:CSL is all I care about right now. Sashays awayA FEW DAYS LATER, ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.UN:Good morning, class!CLASS:Good morning, Mr. Unkie!UN:Welcome to your first day of school here at the San Diego Zoo Center for Animal Education. Otherwise known to the hoomans as the old, unused barn. But they don't know what's on the inside! State of the art everything, PawPad 2s, PawBooks, PawPod Touches, everything! Any questions before we start?TAYLOR:When's fruit break?UN:After recess, for 15 minutes.ENID:Do you have peanut butter and banana sandwiches for lunch?UN:You'll have to talk to our master chef, Bai Yun-Gao, about that one.Oh, my god.Yun Zi thoughtMy mom works at my school. Ths is not gonna be a good year, after allTBC
2015-05-20 18:59:05
BY: Honey, what shal 0
BY: Honey, what shall we get Yunior for his birthday?GG: You know what he wants BY: A baby bthroer I know but that is up to the Panda God, not me.GG: Have you read his blog? He has a list.BY: Oh and how many items are on our dear boy's list?GG: Hee Hee, 68 at the last count. He keeps adding to it.BY: So after baby bthroer, what does he want?GG: Baby sister.(At this point, Bai Yun stands in front of her husband and gives him a Seriously' look of exasperation. GG looks up from his iPaw2 and grins.)GG: Well, No. 3 is a huge giant ice cream cake with a no 2 made of apple and honey clusters. No 4 is a enormous pizza. No 5 is a mile high boo burger .BY: Why does your son want so much food for? The nannykeepers are already feeding him too well.GG: Because he is a chip of the old son of a gun Panda Papa?BY: Humph, anything else?GG: Phone number or email address of Ms Panda Universe 2008, a ticket to Rio for the Carnival, a red corvette or thunderbird hmm, do they make them any more? First ediition Super Panda comic book .a visit from his jie jies and ge ge a role in Kung Fu Panda 3 .a ride on an elephant or rhino .a chance to see all the animals in SDZ a party with all the SDZ animals and nannykeepers .a new garden to redecorate .some rose bushes hee hee, here is my favourite one year's supply of sweet Golden Arrow bamboo shoots my son has taste BY: Hmmm, I am kinda missing the girls and Sheng, maybe if I get them on a conference call and if Tai could pilot the Panda Plane Mei Xiang wants to see him too and he maybe getting a sibling soon too Let me see what I can do .GG: Darling, you always know best. You go girl!BY: Hand over your credit cards cos I need to do some serious shopping then GG: (gulps) Yes, the love of my life.BY: And you are the centre of my universe, my sweetheart, cupcake, sugar pie honey bunny GG: Eeeeee, my fur is standing, there is only so much sweet nothings I can take. Here are my cards, enjoy yourself!BY: You are simply the best!
2015-05-22 19:59:19
I was just reviewing 0
I was just reviewing some of the cnomemts of a previous blog, posted May 19, 2011, The State of Pandas in the Wild (?). There was a lot of expressed concern regarding Su Lin being released into the wild . I would remind everyone that this is a semi-wild environment that she will go into. It is a safe enclosure, and is not totally without supervision. In a post on Pandas Live On, the scientists and keepers at BFX grew alarmed after the unexpected snowfall in March, collected a large team of searchers, went into the protected semi-wild area and did an immediate search for the mother panda and her cub. They found the cub 1st he was resting peacefully up in a tree (no doubt where mom put him), they posted a sweet picture of him in the tree, then mom was found a short distance away, calmly munching away in a stand of bamboo growth. So this is encouraging that these bears are not put there and forgotten. The other bears in the enclosure were also accounted for. Since the American born bears are sort of stars , to the Chinese, in their respective centers, I am sure the Chinese will be respectful of their stature in the States. To whoever compared the status of Mei Lan vs. Su Lin, I would remind you that Mei Lan is younger than Su Lin, and not ready for breeding at this time.Thanks for letting me have my say. [url=]mvpjekot[/url] [link=]qohqst[/link]
2015-05-23 03:18:06
You mean I don't hav 0
You mean I don't have to pay for expert advice like this anreyom?! [url=]fquydraorr[/url] [link=]swgeolmaet[/link]
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Les jeunes frane7ais 0
Les jeunes frane7ais exneigt l e9galite9 des chances,la liberte9 des choix,mais en Chine,on n a pas le droit.C est dommage.He9las!
2015-05-23 10:13:10
Just wnated to look 0
Just wnated to look Just wnated to look back at some of your old videos, and came to the luck of finding this one. I watched it a long time ago, before I even opened my channel. Thought this video was great and loved your art style. I wnated to comment, but I couldn't as I was not registered yet. After opening my channel, I thought about this video and I wnated to search it, but I forgot the title, and then 4 months ago i luckily found your channel again.Now I got the chance to post a comment. [url=]vodnzbo[/url] [link=]yeftqvcmuy[/link]
2015-05-23 16:45:21
so here it goes: I 0
so here it goes: I so here it goes: I love the way you explained the drfiefent meanings and symbolization of the characters on the poster. You really made the beautiful ancient Chinese philosophy come back to life through your explanation. Somehow I feel very attracted to the ancient Chinese beliefs and traditions, I love the way they interact with nature and their surroundings.Then again, I never went to China, but love the countries beautifulness. [url=]wavpiesaxb[/url] [link=]neqjokxil[/link]
2015-05-25 08:57:06
A simple and inelnei 0
A simple and inelneigtlt point, well made. Thanks!
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this is htt" 0
this is relaly good this is relaly good that poster was done on my birth year! I REALLY enjoy watching your videos especially this one since you explained the chinese painting and their approach. Thanks very much!Recently I did another environmental drawing, it might interest you so check out my blog if you have time!.Thanks
2015-07-02 04:39:18
Thank you for Tha 0
Thank you for Thank you for posting this video. I have been stinuydg the Chinese Brush painting style for years and love your work.. It is so nice of you to share your beautiful work, and explain the symbolism and theory behind the strokes. [url=]zplvgla[/url] [link=]moiewcv[/link]
2015-07-04 03:07:30
Oct04 이 포스팅이 떴으니 0
Oct04 이 포스팅이 떴으니 일요일 전에 방문 하면 아는 얼굴들 좀 스치겠네요.ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 다들 눈길만 흘리지 마세요 저는 인사부터 하고 볼겁니다.ㅋ.Since this posting is puseibhld, there would be some familiar faces seen at the venue. haha.. You can't just avoid me as I will say Hi as soon as you are found. [url=]gmptjlc[/url] [link=]eteoxwodgf[/link]
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No location available
HouseID: Orathai
Title: House for sale in Hua Hin


Location: it’s on Phetkasem 75/1, opposite Bangkok Hospital, very convenience only 200 meters walking distance to the beachfront, Market Village, shopping center, and near restaurants by the Beach.

Room description: 2 Bedroom apartment with sea-view, 2 Toilets with shower en-suite, spacious living and dining area, pantry, gym and outdoor swimming pool.

Expiration date: 2015-08-06