Houses for Sale:house for sale in Hua Hin
house for sale in Hua Hin
You are soooo lucky! 0
You are soooo lucky! I am jealous but can't wait to see all your pics. I spoke to her the other day about maybe going with my mom but it will reuqrie a lot of juggling over here, so now sure how feasible it is this year though you never know! I love all the muted washed colors that represent glorious French design....fabulous!
2015-05-19 19:58:51
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Before I go, here is what came to me at 3:30 am when I was pondering Mei Xiang's poreivus situation. They may have already tried this, but AI Mei Xiang in advance of when Mei Xiang ovulates. In business we make projections. I figure other fields do, too. If they could project when they think Mei Xiang will ovulate, based on her history (most recent history being most important) and depending on how long Tian Tian's contribution will last. Could they AI Mei Xiang in anticipation of her ovulating. Could they AI Mei Xiang in advance and a second time just to be sure. By the Grace of God, Mei Xiang will have cubbies next time around.
2015-05-22 19:57:20
Great common sense h 0
Great common sense here. Wish I'd thuhogt of that.
2015-07-01 15:44:59
I find it silly that 0
I find it silly that people asumse just because her breasts are unproportionally big, that they're fake. True, big breasts aren't as common on Chinese women, but I think it's apparent from the shape of these (not overly round or perky) that they are natural. She was just blessed with large breasts, clearly
2015-07-02 04:43:05
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Latitude: 12.513622613804758
Longitude: 99.97646426310428
HouseID: Casa Deang unit 2-A2
Title: house for sale in Hua Hin
Country: Thailand
City: Hua Hin
CasaDaeng's master plan positions a U-shaped building around an inner garden with swimming pool, jacuzzi and sala. 

A bridge across the 25-meter pool links the north wing
to the main entrance and car park for 21 cars, located
on the ground floor of the south and west facing buildings.


  • All living room windows are folding or sliding doors to enable unobstructed connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces 
  • Bathrooms are finished in high-quality marble/large ceramic glazed tiles/mosaic tiles and "American Standard” sanitary fittings; 
  • Built-in kitchens with granite counter-tops, electric ovens, microwaves, ceramic hobs, extract hoods; 
  • Bedrooms have wide parquet floors. Built in wardrobes and storage space throughout.
Price: USD 17.80
Bathrooms: 4
Bedrooms: 4
Area: 198 sqm
Expiration date: 0000-00-00