Condo for Rent:Condo for rent in Hua Hin (Baan Sandao)
Condo for rent in Hua Hin (Baan Sandao)
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Hi all,Wu hua is also known as Pork neck. Try replacing the maainrte with char siew sauce plus chopped garlic. It is easier and very good indeed.I just came back from Melbourne and I taught my son and his friends and they find it so easy.You must try it~ no regret.janette
2015-07-01 21:54:32
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Cecily, this is very easy. Try doing it. The original rcipee asked for 100 gm of sugar which I find too sweet. Cut it down to 70 gm. However, if you have a sweettooth, you may want to use more than 70 gm. Up to you.
2015-07-02 03:06:39
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Obviously, I'd argue for the "power of two choices", or Balanced Allocations, which is hniavg more impact that people realize (and now it's "cousin" cuckoo hashing as well), though this fits more generally into the hashing theme.Along these lines, I'd certainly argue for universal hash functions and Bloom filters; although they don't fit into the "past 25 years" restriction, their power has only really been understood quite recently. (It took a while for practice to catch up with theory there!)Looking at my syllabus for CS 222, I'd add: Eigenvalue methods, certainly. (PageRank, HITS, SALSA, Eigentrust, PICASHOW...)Dimensionality reduction/sketching.(Min-wise independent hash families.)Streaming algorithms. (In particular, algorithms for finding "heavy hitters" or elephants.)Network coding (well, maybe, give it 5 years). All the basic theoretically designed peer-to-peer network constructions. Can we take any credit for machine learning algorithms? (Adaboost?)
2015-07-03 19:54:10
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This is what the Kanellakis prize is for, btw.* public-key cpprtograyhy, specifically Diffie-Helman and RSA (technically it's 30 years though)* Hashing (FKS, etc etc)* Splay trees (now I'm just going through the Kanellakis prize list :))* PCPs and approximations: not directly, but indirectly, by bringing the study of approximation algorithms front and center. * Nearest neighbour methods (LSH and the like)* Interior point methods: maybe, although I always thought that people still preferred to use simplex* The data streaming model: certainly.* Hubs and Authorities/Page rank ! or, 'eigenvalues of matrices/random walks'. You'd be surprised how often methods based on random walks/hubs-authorities are used. [url=]qsghbjsbn[/url] [link=]ixogqmrw[/link]
2015-07-04 03:26:10
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Despite the fact that building decnet quantum computers is still on the "to do" list, the impact of quantum computing outside of theory is hard to beat.What does "impact" mean? If you mean that lots of non-theoreticians think quantum computing is really cool and want to hear more about it, then I agree that it has had a big impact. On the other hand, I know of no non-theoretical intellectual/research impact, except for attempts to build a quantum computer. They aren't theoretical, but they aren't practical either.
2015-07-05 23:22:01
Thanks, Mihai, for r 0
Thanks, Mihai, for raising this qutsoien on the blog. My reasons for focusing on the last 25 years are:- We should be able to present examples that are not too old to argue that what we are doing now matters.- To avoid the counter-argument: "of course, many fundamental things were pointed out in the first years of computers, but these were things that other people would have realized soon enough".Some candidates for the list:- Elliptic curve cryptography?- Streaming algorithms?- Interior point methods? [url=]xptxrx[/url] [link=]qycgmcjay[/link]
2015-07-07 17:56:22
Latitude: 12.558956973940195
Longitude: 99.96098119867247
HouseID: Room D 204
Title: Condo for rent in Hua Hin (Baan Sandao)
Country: Thailand
City: Hua Hin


Find everything you could ever need for the perfect vacation on the beach at a perfect location that offers you a range of holiday activities.

Baan Sandao is a vacation condominium in modern-contemporary design where you can enjoy a stunning view of white architecture against the bright blue sky of Hua Hin. Here you can indulge yourself in the large, multi-level swimming pool with Jacuzzi and kid's pool tiled with decorative glazed mosaics to add a sparkling effect to its crystal clear water, or enjoy a restful moment reading good books, sunbathing or just relaxing on its vast pool decks amidst green foliage. It also features a beach terrace where you can take the simple pleasure from a scenic view of Hua Hin sandy beaches, salty sea breezes and the sounds of gentle sea waves.

Only a few steps away from the property, you can make the most of your holiday time enjoying a variety of activities on the beach such as strolling on the warm sand, riding horses, jet skiing, kite surfing and building sand castles with your kids.

Superbly located on Petchkasem Road, opposite to The Market Village the biggest shopping mall in Hua Hin, Baan Sandao provides easy access, only 1.5 km, to the town’s center where you can find an eclectic mix of distinctive neighborhoods including shopping malls, retail stores, local and international eateries and recreation facilities.

Price: USD 55.00
Bathrooms: 2
Bedrooms: 2
Area: 75 sqm
Expiration date: 0000-00-00